I didn't ask for the hand life dealt me.

I didn't ask for my mom to die, leaving me alone in the world.

I didn't ask for my estranged aunt to take me in, thrusting me into the lions den.

I certainly didn't ask to be tossed into Brighton Academy.

Yet, here I am.

They think I want their money, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

They think they know who I am, but they are wrong.

They think they can run me out of town, but you can't scare someone who has nothing to lose. They underestimate, but who am I to walk away from a good fight?


Since the moment that was crossed, I knew things had changed forever.

I was no longer just one of the guys.

I was now something to be desired.


Too bad he never promised me forever.

Now with my future bleak and my life uncertain, can I pick up the shattered pieces of my life and make it good again?

Or am I destined to chase after the ghost of my past forever?


There was only one woman in the world who had the power to destroy me.

Morgan Wright.

I never thought I would see her again. Then she showed back up out of the blue, weaseling her way back into my life.

Keaton Yates is everything I hate. Two years ago, we were best friends.


Until he did the unthinkable and broke my heart. Moving back means being back on Keaton’s turf. Am I strong enough to survive a second time?


I have loved one boy my entire life.

Finley Abbot.

Too bad he's never shown a single sign that he feels the same way. What's that saying? If you love someone set them free? Letting go is the hardest part, so when Xavier comes into my life I give it a shot. It's not like Finley will ever want me.

I'm a phony. An illusion meant to fool others into believing that I'm the playboy, rich prick. No one knows the facade more than her.

Tinsley Yates.

I've been pushing her away for years to protect her from my dirty secrets. But when he shows up, treating her like she's his, like a queen, I can't hold back anymore. He will learn not to touch what's mine.