Mafia King


I only had to follow two rules.

Don’t talk to the cops.

Don’t leave Brooklyn.

Then I meet him.

I didn’t know who he was, but I knew he was dangerous.

Yet, I couldn’t help, but gravitate towards him.

When my past comes back to haunt me, my life starts to crumble.

Will I be able to escape the sins of my past, or will they ultimately bring me down?


I only had to focus on one thing.

Be the best Don the Catalini’s had ever seen.

That was, until I met her.

She changed everything.

One look and I was under her spell.

She was different, refreshing.

When things in my world begin to change, she is caught up in the chaos.

Will I be able to save her or is there more at play then I realize?

In a world full of crime and passion, will Sofia and Bastiano survive the fall out?

Mafia Underboss


I have lived my life in the light, hiding in plain sight. No one has ever made me want to reveal the secrets of my past, until I met him. The only problem is he wants to just be friends. Can I show the underboss that I can be what he needs?


I cannot deny the darkness living inside of me. I am the monster under your bed and you will never see me coming until it's too late. I never thought about my affliction until Mia. Her light draws me to her like a moth to the flame. Will the devil inside ruin the angel she was born to be?

Mafia Prince


My life irrevocably changed five years ago. My heart shattered in a million pieces. Ever since that day, I have lived a safer life, keeping those around me at arms length. Until he comes barreling back into my life. He represents everything I hate yet I cannot get him out of my mind. Are we destined to destroy each other?


One night ruined my perfectly planned life. I was supposed to have the girl of my dreams for the rest of my life. Then I ruined it all. I have lived my life as a shell of myself. Never really allowing myself true happiness. That is until the first snarky insult flew from her lips. Now all I can think is that fate has given us a second chance. Can she forgive me for the mistakes of the past or are we fated to go up in flames?