Racing and Ross are the only two things I thought I could ever count on. That is, until one of them sends me far away, making me lose the other.

Now, stuck with a cousin I’m not sure even wants me here trying to pick up the scattered pieces of my life, all I want to do is find my own way.

Who cares if I’m slightly attracted to the asshole who seems to run these parts? Or that I’m starting to find his little tests exciting?

Who cares that the abandonment I felt from the people I thought were my family fades as I find a new group to grow close to.

It doesn’t mean anything. In the end, I’ll be gone, right?


I knew she was going to be trouble the minutes I got the call she was coming. I didn’t expect her to light my blood on fire, though.

Now, she’s slowly integrating herself into my life, one irritatingly yet sexy glare at a time.

It doesn’t matter that I think the fact that she knows her cars is a huge turn on. Or that I crave having her near me.

The fact that I’m itching to protect her has nothing to do with the way she makes me feel.

There’s no room in the inner circle for new blood. So why does she seem to fit right in?


Coming February 2022


My whole life, I have always felt sheltered. My older brother was the definition of overprotective.

Maybe that's why I made the decision to rebel for once instead of being the good girl everyone thought I was.

Now, I'm damaged beyond repair and my brother is gone. One choice led to the carnage that is now my life.

Everyone tells me that time will heal me, but how can it when I'm still haunted by the ghosts of my past?


The day I met her, I knew my life had irrevocably changed. She was an angel that I plucked out of the depths of hell.

She's drowning, and I can't save her from herself.

Still, I watch her obsessively, hoping she will one day be ready for me. When things start popping off with the crew, all the evidence leads to her.

Is she the siren meant to lure me into a trap or the angel I always dreamt of her to be?


Releasing 2022

Blurb Coming Soon

Finish Line

Releasing 2022

Blurb Coming Soon