I wasn’t supposed to be here. Kidnapped by a stranger and forced to live in his home. So why am I drawn to my captor? Secrets from my past threaten not only myself, but now him. Do I trust the man who kidnapped me or get the hell out of Dodge?


I’ve always done the right thing. Making decisions for myself that were more for the benefit for others. Until I meet her. What started as a good deed may turn into a kidnapping before I know it. She is the first thing I’ve ever wanted for myself. The question is, will I be able to keep her?



My life isn’t a fairytale. I might be locked up like a princess, but I’m more rebellious than I let on. While my brother might be the Don of the Catalini family, he does not know the secrets I’ve been keeping.

That’s how I meet him.

Killian O’Reilly.

This might be the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.


This life isn’t for everyone. Being the boss of the Westie’s comes with a load of responsibilities. One’s I’ve never rebelled against.

Until her.

Greer Catalini.

Pursuing her might start a war, but anything thing worth having is worth the risk.



My life isn’t perfect. Being the Irish Princess of Chicago doesn’t do me any favors. Instead, it puts a target on my back.

When I’m presented for a marriage contract, I feel like an animal being led to auction.

Until I meet him.

I shouldn’t be drawn towards him, but the closer I get, the harder I fall.

He is supposed to be the enemy, so why does he feel like my salvation?


I live my life on the edge, giving into every impulse and living recklessly. Being the dark prince of the Yakuza comes with many perks. Especially when you are feared the way I am.

When my enemy begins to barter for his precious daughter, I can’t help but toy with her.

Until I meet her.

She is gorgeous, innocent, and everything I should avoid, but I’ve never let that stop me before.

I’ll do anything to keep her because I knew the moment my lips touched hers, she was mine.


Coming January 2022


Life has never been fair to me, but I've accepted the hand life has dealt me.

Until that night.

I had no idea I was sneaking into the room of Nikolai Petrov.

As my eyes met his, I knew certain death would follow. I could only hope it was quick.

Except, it never came.


My world is a web of lies and betrayal. When I became Pakhan, I knew the target on my back had grown exponentially.

It's not safe for anyone around me.

Especially not her.

With a war on the horizon, I don't have time for distractions.

So why can't I seem to let her go?


Coming April 2022