Mr. Almost

Releases June 13, 2024

Four years ago my entire life changed.
A one-night stand turned into the best thing that ever happened to me.
Too bad Mason didn’t feel the same.
Now struggling to keep my head above water, I take on a temp job at the same hotel that changed my life.
I never thought I would see him again, but then he walks in. They say lightning rarely strikes twice, so why do I feel like I’ve been struck once again?

Four years ago she disappeared into the wind without a trace to be found.
I never thought that I would want more from a woman until I met Olivia.
I only wish she had felt the same.
So when I see her standing behind the reception desk in my hotel, I’m amazed.
Only, she wants nothing to do with me and I can’t figure out why.
Can I break down her walls and get her to trust me enough to give us a real shot?


Releases August 1, 2024

Blurb Coming Soon


Release September 19, 2024

Being the star player on the Walker Wolves has been everything I was working towards.
That is, until my grades slip, threatening to take it all from me.
I have to do something drastic to keep my dreams alive, so I hire a tutor.
That’s when I met her.
Grace Myers.
She is the complete opposite of me. Shy, innocent, kind.
She’s meant to tutor me on school, so why does it feel like she is schooling me on life?

I have spent half my life in love with Kellan Cooper, but he has never felt the same.
If friendship is all he can offer, it’s what I’ll take from him.
I thought life was simple.
Until I met him.
Clayton James.
He is everything I’ve always hated. Loud, arrogant, a player.
So why do I find myself unable to stop thinking about him and his lips?

When opposites attract, will they have a fairytale ending or are they destined to crash and burn?


Releases October 17, 2024

Blurb Coming Soon

Heart of Justice Anthology

Releases December 3, 2024

Heart of Justice is a charity romance anthology with NEW, never before published content from 20 authors of all romance genres. All proceeds from the eBook and paperback will be donated to Season of Justice.

What you can expect: Contemporary romance stories featuring the solving of a cold case using technology that Season of Justice is helping provide monetary donations for. These are all new, full-length stories set in fast-paced worlds featuring cops, journalists, podcast hosts, lawyers, or even family members of our fictional families. This collection will feature over 400,000 new words of romance for the reader who loves suspense with their spice.

Learn more about Season of Justice -

Gunner’s Mercy

Releases January 13, 2025

Blurb Coming Soon

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