The Mafia Royalty Series

Three Mafia romances following the Catalini family.

Mafia King

TW: This story contains previous domestic violence and kidnapping.


I only had to follow two rules.

Don’t talk to the cops.

Don’t leave Brooklyn.

Then I meet him.

I didn’t know who he was, but I knew he was dangerous.

Yet, I couldn’t help, but gravitate towards him.

When my past comes back to haunt me, my life starts to crumble.

Will I be able to escape the sins of my past, or will they ultimately bring me down?


I only had to focus on one thing.

Be the best Don the Catalini’s had ever seen.

That was, until I met her.

She changed everything.

One look and I was under her spell.

She was different, refreshing.

When things in my world begin to change, she is caught up in the chaos.

Will I be able to save her or is there more at play then I realize?

In a world full of crime and passion, will Sofia and Bastiano survive the fall out?

Mafia Underboss


I have lived my life in the light, hiding in plain sight. No one has ever made me want to reveal the secrets of my past, until I met him. The only problem is he wants to just be friends. Can I show the underboss that I can be what he needs?


I cannot deny the darkness living inside of me. I am the monster under your bed and you will never see me coming until it's too late. I never thought about my affliction until Mia. Her light draws me to her like a moth to the flame. Will the devil inside ruin the angel she was born to be?

Mafia Prince

TW: This story mentions pregnancy loss and sexual assault.


My life irrevocably changed five years ago. My heart shattered in a million pieces. Ever since that day, I have lived a safer life, keeping those around me at arms length. Until he comes barreling back into my life. He represents everything I hate yet I cannot get him out of my mind. Are we destined to destroy each other?


One night ruined my perfectly planned life. I was supposed to have the girl of my dreams for the rest of my life. Then I ruined it all. I have lived my life as a shell of myself. Never really allowing myself true happiness. That is until the first snarky insult flew from her lips. Now all I can think is that fate has given us a second chance. Can she forgive me for the mistakes of the past or are we fated to go up in flames?

The Syndicates Series

Four Mafia Syndicates. Twelve love stories.


Book One- The Catalini Family

TW: This story contains kidnapping and homelessness.


I wasn’t supposed to be here. Kidnapped by a stranger and forced to live in his home. So why am I drawn to my captor? Secrets from my past threaten not only myself, but now him. Do I trust the man who kidnapped me or get the hell out of Dodge?


I’ve always done the right thing. Making decisions for myself that were more for the benefit for others. Until I meet her. What started as a good deed may turn into a kidnapping before I know it. She is the first thing I’ve ever wanted for myself. The question is, will I be able to keep her?


Book Two- The Westies Family


My life isn’t a fairytale. I might be locked up like a princess, but I’m more rebellious than I let on. While my brother might be the Don of the Catalini family, he does not know the secrets I’ve been keeping.

That’s how I meet him.

Killian O’Reilly.

This might be the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.


This life isn’t for everyone. Being the boss of the Westie’s comes with a load of responsibilities. One’s I’ve never rebelled against.

Until her.

Greer Catalini.

Pursuing her might start a war, but anything thing worth having is worth the risk.


Book Three- The Yakuza Family


My life isn’t perfect. Being the Irish Princess of Chicago doesn’t do me any favors. Instead, it puts a target on my back.

When I’m presented for a marriage contract, I feel like an animal being led to auction.

Until I meet him.

I shouldn’t be drawn towards him, but the closer I get, the harder I fall.

He is supposed to be the enemy, so why does he feel like my salvation?


I live my life on the edge, giving into every impulse and living recklessly. Being the dark prince of the Yakuza comes with many perks. Especially when you are feared the way I am.

When my enemy begins to barter for his precious daughter, I can’t help but toy with her.

Until I meet her.

She is gorgeous, innocent, and everything I should avoid, but I’ve never let that stop me before.

I’ll do anything to keep her because I knew the moment my lips touched hers, she was mine.


Book Four- The Bratva Family

TW: This story contains sexual assault of a teen, foster care system, child abuse, attempted murder, human trafficking, kidnapping, mafia related violence.


Life has never been fair to me, but I've accepted the hand life has dealt me.

Until that night.

I had no idea I was sneaking into the room of Nikolai Petrov.

As my eyes met his, I knew certain death would follow. I could only hope it was quick.

Except, it never came.


My world is a web of lies and betrayal. When I became Pakhan, I knew the target on my back had grown exponentially.

It's not safe for anyone around me.

Especially not her.

With a war on the horizon, I don't have time for distractions.

So why can't I seem to let her go?


Book Five- The Catalini Family


I'm so tired of running.

For the past three years, I have bounced around constantly to avoid the demons from my past.

Then I moved in next to him.

This was supposed to be my fresh start, yet I can't help but want to be with him and his daughter.

Is it fair for me to bring them into my life knowing the dangers that await?


One look and my life irrevocably changed.

A newly single father, I'm doing everything I can to adjust to my new life.

Then she moves in next door.

I know I should stay away and focus on my own life, but something about her draws me in.

Is she the missing piece to the family I never knew I wanted?


Book Six- The Westies Family

TW: This story contains kidnapping and surprise pregnancy.


I’ve always lived my life as a nomad, moving from city to city.

Then I ended up in Chicago.

A chance meeting with Callum Brennan and I knew my life would never be the same.

One week of passion and I know I will never forget him, but I have to move on with my life.

Leaving is the hardest thing I ever did, but then fate intervenes, giving me the perfect reason to run back to him.

The only problem is, I’m not sure he wants me to.

Can we find a way to make this work when our worlds are so different?


A hostile takeover of the Chicago faction of the Westie’s wasn’t what I wanted.

It’s the life I’ve been handed though.

Struggling through day to day operations, I never imagined my future.

Until I met Autumn Daniels.

One week with her and I knew that she was something special.

Unfortunately, there are skeletons in her closet threatening her life so I send her on her way.

I never imagined she would come back.

Can I keep her safe while also keeping her with me?


Book Seven- The Yakuza Family


From the outside, my life looks near perfect. I have an amazing job that offers a layer of protection I can’t get anywhere else.

Except I have to work under him.

Kenji Ono.

He annoys me more than anyone else I have ever met before.

When a threat arises, he’s the first one to jump in to protect me. The question is, will he be able to save me before it’s too late?


I’ve led a rough, but fulfilling life. That all changed when she walked into my casino.

Miya Johnson.

She knows how to press every single one of my buttons to get me riled.

She’s my employee, which means all the thoughts in my head are wildly inappropriate. I should stay away from her, but when an unknown stalker starts leaving bloody presents throughout Chicago, it leaves me wondering what secrets she’s hiding?


Book Eight- The Bratva Family

TW: Human trafficking, kidnapping, mafia related violence, breeding kink, mentions of rape, mentions of drug use/distribution


Being the Petrov Bratva Princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Instead of freedom, I’m locked in a gilded cage with him as a warden.

Dimitri is not only my personal guard, but he happens to be my brother’s best friend and my unrequited childhood crush.

To make matters worse, he imposes all these stifling rules on me.

I’ve had enough.

When I make a drastic decision to finally seek my freedom, it sends him in a tailspin.

Will I survive the carnage in its wake?


When my best friend became Pakhan of the Petrov Bratva, he made me his second in command and entrusted me with the most important task.

Protect his sister at all costs.

Ivanna isn’t the little girl she once was though.

She’s turned into an obsession that I’ve never allowed myself to indulge in.

Until she’s decided she’s had enough.

She wants to be married off to some stranger, but I won’t allow it.

The only way I’ll let her go is in death.


Book Nine- The Catalini Family

TW: Human trafficking, kidnapping, mafia related violence,  mentions of rape.


The night I met him was supposed to be the worst night of my life.

I can’t regret it when it brought him into my life.

Now my dark knight hides in the shadows, but he’s never faraway.

When a new threat emerges, it makes the line between us blur.

Cops and criminals are enemies, but what happens when youare fighting for the same thing?

Can we be on the same side without having to change who weare and what we believe in? 


I was never supposed to meet her, but I did.

I broke all the rules to be the hero she needed, but I’m far from innocent.

When she takes on a job as a cop, I know I should keep my distance, but I can’t help but be drawn to her.

Then tragedy strikes and all the reasons we have stayed apart disappear.

Time is running out, but I’ll never give up on finding her.

She may be the enemy in my family’s eyes, but to me, she’s my everything.

Oh Holy Night Novella

All is quiet in Chicago as the members of the Yakuza and Westie’s join together to celebrate the holiday. As the Sleigh bells ring, the slaying begins until the dream of a white Christmas turns red.

All the favorites are here including Cleo and Haruaki, Miya and Kenji, and Autumn and Callum. Special appearances from Kado and Declan as well. They say it’s the happiest time of the year, but will these naughty couples survive the night?

Oh Holy Night is a novella set in the Syndicates series, but can be read on it’s own. It is meant to compliment the series and is set after Tristano’s book and before Declan's.


TW mentions/discussions of physical/sexual abuse (including in a relationship), threats of murder/attempted murder, detailed torture and murder on page, Arachnophobia, kidnapping, stalking, discussions of human trafficking

Isolation is nothing new to me.
I’ve spent my entire life keeping my head down and mouth shut.
Until I meet him.
Declan O’Brien.
Something about him has me running my mouth before my mind can catch up.
When I’m given an ultimatum to die or return to Russia and my father, I choose death.
Only Declan won’t allow it. How is this my life right now?

Responsibility is the name of the game as second in command to the Chicago Westies.
It’s the only thing I have time for in my life.
Until Her.
Nikita Smirnova.
She’s meant to be the enemy, the ice princess across the hall.
Only when she chooses death over going home, I can’t allow it to happen.
So I married her.
What did I just do?

With two hearts stuck in a marriage neither wanted, will they find a way to make it work or are they destined to fail?


Releases October 17, 2024

Blurb Coming Soon

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