Lotus MC


TW: This story contains on page domestic abuse against FMC (not by MMC), the ptsd involved, off page but discussed abuse/assault, mentions of rape, therapy sessions on page, on page torture & murder.

The past year of my life has been a nightmare.
Always watching what I said and did to not anger him.
Until the night he takes things too far.
Running to the Lotus MC is dangerous, but it’s the only choice I’ve got.
All I can hope is that they are strong enough to save me from the monster chasing me.

Being the president of the Lotus MC means that I have to be ready for anything.
So when she shows up at my door broken and bruised, I’m skeptical.
Until she says the one name that stops me in my tracks.
When my past and present collide, my entire world gets turned upside down.
All I know is that I will protect her at all costs.


Releasing January 25, 2024

TW: This story contains murder, assault, rape, spousal & child abuse, life threatening injuries, drug distribution, alcohol addiction, therapy sessions on page, voyeurism, exhibitionism, primal kink & choking.

All I have in life is my brothers and my club.
It’s all I ever needed.
Until Tara.
Seeing her broken and bruised called to a part of me I thought was long dead.
She can’t handle my brand of crazy though.
So I’ll offer her the only thing I can.
My claim, but in name only.

Being a sweetbutt, I never let myself imagine finding my happy ever after within the walls of the Lotus MC.
It just wasn’t done.
Until Wrath.
His claim was meant to save me, but it only left me feeling isolated.
He thinks I can’t handle him, but he’s wrong.
Underneath this damaged girl is a woman dying to burst free.
If only, I could break down his walls enough to explore it with him.

With danger lurking around every corner, will Wrath and Tara ever be able to overcome their insecurities and find solace within one another?


More Coming Soon


More Coming Soon

Saint’s Outlaws MC

Gunner’s Mercy

Releases January 13, 2025

Blurb Coming Soon

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